Isaac's documentation

Isaac is your friendly neighbourhood bot and hangs out in several channels on Slashnet. This is his full user documentation.

Isaac's canonical pronouns are he, they or it. He's fine with all of them. :)


Bot admins

The bot administrators have access to some special maintenance commands for Isaac. If you have any questions about the bot, please ask them.

The bot admin for Isaac on Slashnet is CO2.


Title resolver

Isaac resolves titles of webpages. It's simple: Just use a link starting with http:// or https:// in any channel message and Isaac will do his best to find the title of that webpage and print it in channel.

This functionality does not work in private messages.



Isaac can keep track of the preferred (gender) pronouns of users, and you can look them up at any time.

Note: Isaac makes use of NickServ login data found through the /whois command for this functionality. The reason for this is twofold:

The pronoun function uses these commands, that should be used on a line by themself. All of these commands are available both in channel and in private messages to Isaac.
Isaac uses a global list for this, so there's no need to set this per channel.

It is possible to set multiple preferred pronouns for yourself, but this needs to be done one by one.

The following pronoun options are available: he, she, they, it, other

If you lost access to your NickServ account and want anything changed or removed, please ask a bot admin for assistance.



Can a bot who doesn't enjoy the occassional botsnack even be called a bot? Just type 'botsnack' on its own line in any channel Isaac is in and see what happens.



The command !help will bring you back to this page. :)


Admin-only commands

These commands work both in channel and in private messages, but can only be used by bot admins.


Puppet master commands

In the deep lore, there exist rumors of some secret role even more powerful than bot admins, namely the so-called puppet masters. Who are they? No-one really knows...

Puppet masters have access to the following commands, that only work from private messages sent to Isaac.


Source code

If you're interested in the nitty-gritty details or want to run your own copy of Isaac, his source code is here: It is maintained by CO2.

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