Address irc://irc.slashnet.org/xkcd-chill
Genre Wholesome, Positive, Chatty
Channel maintainers CO2

We're a positive, fun, and light-hearted IRC channel!

It's a space dedicated to relaxed & happy conversation where you can decompress, destress, and dial back the harshness of the rest of the world.

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Rules & Recommendations

Do promote respect

Take the time to learn about people! From their gender identities, to their beliefs, to their hopes. And maybe even their dreams.

Don't be a dick!

A rule to rule them all.

Do share good news stories

Positive, wholesome, and interesting news is great! Especially the kind that lets everyone feel a bit more hopeful about the world.

Don't focus on negative & controversial topics

Topics like religion, politics, and depression. These are important subjects, which you can discuss in #xkcd.

Do share wholesome pictures, clips, & memes!

We can never get enough of this stuff. :)

Don't talk about sex or porn in detail

While these might not seem controversial, experience teaches us these subjects make a lot of people uncomfortable. Feel free to take it to dedicated channels such as #sex. Don't be creepy, ok?

Do share your passions and interests!

What are your hobbies, daily life, jokes you heard, and nightly life like? Relax, share whatever interests you, and engage with what interests others.

Don't make it all about you

If you did something neat or something cool happened to you, we'd love to hear it! Just remember some folk might not be as lucky as you. So keep your ego in check when you share your wins.

Do make time to chat!

It's a place for folks to relax and talk and be more than a list of idling usernames. Express yourself!

Don't bring drama

Communities are complex living and ever-changing organisms. There will always be drama. This channel will always work to be a safe-haven from it.

Do not stress

We all make mistakes, and this is an easy going place :)

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