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#xkcd-sciencefiction is a place to discuss your interest, your love, your passion for science fiction and modern fantasy media. It is a place created on the excellent SlashNET IRC network for fans of science fiction and modern fantasy to get their geek on, together. Whether discussing brand new series and books, or sharing childhood experiences and opinions formed from watching Aliens, Predator, or the disturbing and compelling imagery of Event Horizon, this channel is your welcoming home.

We're living in a new age, a golden age, of science fiction and modern fantasy. There's never been a better time to be a fan of science fiction, and a fan of modern fantasy. And there's never been a better place to discuss, debate, and disagree about the things you love with people who love it too than the channel #xkcd-sciencefiction on the SlashNET IRC network.

By design, this is a place for fans to share their views, ask their questions, and call those with whom they disagree butthats, to be treated like equals, and to be heard.

It won't always be pretty, but dammit it'll be entertaining(TM)

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Don't be a dick! We think that one rule says it all.

One more thing: Offtopic discussion is fine here, but be aware that scifi is the predominant topic of conversation here. So if you're having an offtopic talk and someone wants to discuss scifi, please take the offtopic talk elsewhere.

About this channel

This is a generic scifi channel. Feel free to discuss all kinds of scifi media: novels, comics, audio plays, television, movies, interactive web pages, games, even real life when it feels like scifi. Things such as modern fantasy are fine as well.

We purposefully do not have any specific spoiler policy. Rules like that tend to stifle discussion. When you want to talk about a new cool thing - when in doubt just ask the channel if they're okay with it.

Science fiction recommendations

Since the list that used to be here was never getting updated you're much better off just asking the folks in the channel!

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